Final Fantasy VI is made up of fourteen playable characters, all with a uniqe background and story line. Most of them, all except Mog and Umaro, have a hard relationship to the Empire. Which means most of them are connected with the Empire. As a example Celes and Terra are connected with the Empire because Emperor Gestahl forced them to serve him. Edgar and Sabin because the Empire destroyed their home and poisoned their father. You get the picture.

The story takes off after you wake up as Terra Branford, a young woman who has lost her memory. Terra wakes to see Arvis (Jun in the Japanese version), a old kind man who helps her, and then is sent off by herself through the tunnels of Narshe's caves. Whilst running away fromt he guards of Narshe, she falls through the cave floor and hits her head. Upon waking up, she meets Locke Cole, a treasure hunter more commonly known as a thief. After traveling with Locke through the fields of Narshe, she is taken to a kingdom in a desert called "Figaro". In Figaro they meet a young man known as Edgar Roni Figaro, who is the king of Figaro. Ahortly after meeting the king, Terra is hidden by Locke because Kefka Palazzo appears at Figaro, searching for his toy, Terra, who he explains that she is a runaway.

After telling Kefka he heard of no such girl in his castle, Edgar begins a talk wtih Locke and Terra. Once Kefka returns and attacks the castle, Edgar and co. leaves the castle and begins a travel through the mountains. Once there, they encounter a man named Vargas and starts a battle, but a young man named Sabin Rene Figaro jumps in to help you. He joins your team and helps you to get to the Returner's Hideout. Locke later leaves and heads to South Figaro, where he meets Celes Chere, a ex-general of the Empire. The game shifts you back to pick a sceneiro where upon you can decide to switch to Sabin's part or Terra's part. If you pick Sabin's part first, you meet three new characters: Shadow, Gau and Cyan Garamonde, who is a retainer to the late king of Doma.

Later on in the story, you meet a young airship owner known as Setzer Gabbiani, a gambler. The Returners end up helping the Empire find the Espers to apologize, but they meet a old man Strago Magus and Relm Arrowny. Later on by choice, you can get three more characters: Mog, Umaro and Gogo.